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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Want to own a piece of BSATCOP?

To help fund my next film, I'm selling the blond Epiphone J-200 Acoustic Guitar used in BSATCOP. It's the guitar actually played on the soundtrack as well as being used on screen by Jon Sewell as Johnny Leroy and Andrew Griscti as Benjamin Sniddlegrass.

It's in fine nick, lovely to play and comes with a brand new hard-case I just bought and didn't intend to part with this quickly. Happy to ship to any corner of the globe (cost of this is, of course, your responsibility) and will entertain all offers within the bounds of taste and reason.

Perhaps one of the Dodge Brothers might be interested?

Johnny Leroy and the Impulsives - Famous (Music Video) from Jeremy Dylan on Vimeo.

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