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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Non-satirical post: Actual movie going to be actually made by me

I would like to announce publicly, that after being inundated with numerous emails of encouragement (no doubt brought on by Dr Mayo reading out my work on FiveLive), I have decided to go ahead and make the movie.

I have a commitment (made on air) by Dr M and Dr K that they will journey down under for the premiere and have a received an offer from a smooth jazz outfit based in Ireland to provide a score. Jason Isaacs has volunteered to play all the penguins, which will pose a challenge to my special effects team.

Therefore, today I announce the official commencement of preproduction on 'Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins', to be directed by myself under the professional pseudonym of Christopher Columbus.

All further updates on the production of the film will be labelled 'Non-satirical post' as to avoid confusion between these and my side-splittingly hilarious lampoons, which regularly feature here.

- Jeremy Dylan


  1. Great Stuff Jeremy. Won't be able to make it to OZ, I suspect, but when looik forward to the UK premier

  2. provided I can learn to spell in the meantime!

  3. Stop sniffing the penguins - its messing with your head *g*

  4. What about poor Christopher "I discovered America" Columbus? I thought he was the one doing it.
    Anyway, good luck and all.