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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lines that tag!

Inspired by Friday's episode of Wittertainment, we're running a competition to come up with an obvious tag line for the 'Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins' movie over on the Facebook page.

Here are some entries we've received so far:

'Benjamin Sniddlegrass says 'Hello' to danger!' - Ben Flanagan

'The name's Sniddlegrass. Benjamin Sniddlegrass, and I'm going to make a penguin stew' - Jonathon Paxton

'Cooking birds. This Christmas' - Rasmus WidengÄrd.

'Every penguin attached to this should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.' - Calton Bolick.

Please keep these coming in, both on the Facebook page and on the comments section here. The winner will go on the new teaser poster for the film, which will come out in the coming weeks.

Also, please send them in to and you never know - you might here your handiwork on the radio come Friday, assuming they actually do the show on Friday and Dr K isn't stuck in the Ukraine with Dr Nyet or taking in dinner at Skifflopolus.


  1. "There will be a cauldron. There will be penguins. And Benjamin Sniddlgrass is in it"

  2. I am proud of what I have discovered. I don't care who it turns out I am related to. I am the only one who can stop them, whether they are my family or not. I am the ONLY one who can annihilate the penguins...come to think of it, if I'm related to penguins then that makes sense. I did always wonder why I was black and white...

  3. Someone needs to write the book, even if it's 10 pages, someone still needs to do it...x